Why do Nepalese Manpower want to work abroad?

Why do Nepalese Manpower want to work abroad through nepal recruitment agency?

Nepal is a developing country. Most of the people in Nepal are unemployed, because of this reason people are going abroad for the better job opportunities. This is not the only reason why Nepalese manpower want to work abroad, the reason are very.
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Case study from nepal recruitment agency.
Chaudhary Ramesh is working in Dubai. He went Dubai to work in 2009. When we asked him, why you came Dubai to work? He replied “I had finished my Bachelor’s degree in 2005. My family’s economic background is very poor. I had no other option, so I start searching jobs in Nepal but I didn’t get ones. Finally I found an opportunities to work in Dubai through one of the recruitment agency in Nepal. I applied and got the job.”
We asked same question to other Bhattarai Hari Prasad, Raut Rakesh, Lamichhane Bidur, Pandey Surendra Kumar and Pun Par Singh, who are working with Ramesh in same company. We get the same answer from most of his friends but some of them said, the payment they will get on abroad is 50% more than the payment they get from Nepal for same work.
From this case study we found that the reason Nepalese manpower deploying aboard is lack of jobs opportunities in Nepal, the internal economic problem and also the payment value.
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