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We also take full responsibility and guarantee that if any candidate we have recruited is not to the specification of the client of the employing company then we take responsibility to replace this candidate under our expense. However, if the candidate is selected by the representative of the client or company, then we will not be responsible if the candidate is not up to the mark of the requirement of the company trade wise. We have been following this business condition which is mostly followed by Nepal recruitment agency in Nepal and with this system, our current clients are very happy with recruitment from Nepal. We just do not want to recruit workers for you but to establish a good honest business relationship on a long term basis. We are always open to your inquires regarding the recruitment from Nepal or just information regarding the type of workers that are available from Nepal. We look forward in for your quires regarding the manpower recruitment from Nepal. We make it our first priority to be different from the other recruitment agencies in Nepal. We always make sure our clients get the best and qualified Nepali manpower in Nepal.

LANDMARK has been highly recommended and is one of the leading manpower agency in Nepal among the manpower recruitment agency in Nepal. We are approved Government of Nepal for recruiting Nepali workers from Nepal. We have been and are supply various categories of Nepalese Manpower to our clients ranging from professional to unskilled labour according to the specification and satisfaction of the clients to the authorized countries by the Government of Nepal for recruitment of Nepalese manpower though our legal Nepal employment agency. Our Office Team Our motto is Client satisfaction is our satisfaction and we believe and follow it.
We not only concentrate on our overseas employing clients but also as a job agent in Nepal for the Nepali workers who wish to seek employment. To fulfill this, LANDMARK has a very qualified and experience work force to manage and run our manpower recruitment agency in Nepal. Each and every staffs are trained to keep a sharp attention to the individual client's needs and requirement. Having a large data base of manpower of various trade and categories helps us to provide excellent and tailored made workers to our client's on time. Our Candidates and Data Base For our data base, candidates seeking employment is pre screen and interviewed to check the level of qualification and work experiences. During this time, we also see if the candidates are suited for our clients according to the requirements.
Our staff does check the certificates and testimonial but also check the background of each candidate who registers in our database with the references they have given. If some candidates need enhancement training then we also recommend and send the candidates to the training from reputed and government recommended training centers. We do not wish to have quality of Manpower in Nepal to be below the standard that our clients seek from Nepal Employment agency. Orientation Our candidates are briefed and given an Orientation session to inform them of the general rules and regulation of foreign employment and the country they are seeking employment. However, we give them detail orientation session before the selection or interview about the company and country they are being recruited to. This way the quality of the candidates is up to the mark of the employing clients and they will not face a culture shock when they are deployed.
The manpower recruitment from Nepal must always be kept informed about the company and type of work the Nepali manpower need to work when they are deployed. Qualification of Candidate We have been taking full responsibility of the fitness of the candidates in trade and medical. Each candidate goes through the medical examination set by the employing country. No medical unfit workers are recruited even if they are well qualified trade wise. Also vice versa that if the candidate is not trade wise qualified, we not recruit the candidate just because he is medically fit.

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Recruitment nepal

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