Process Followed by Recruitment Agency in Nepal

With countless number of recruiting agencies in Nepal popping here and there, people are getting confused about what exactly does a recruiting agency in Nepal do. Well, not to worry because Landmark Recruitment Agency is here to help. As a government registered recruitment agency in Nepal, we have been working in the field for numerous years. From experts and consultants here at Landmark Recruitment Agency, we present to you the step by step breakdown of what we do here.

The process we follow as the leading recruitment agency in Nepal is:

  • Landmark Recruitment Agency firstly receives a set of legal documents and vacancy requirements from company abroad.
  • We then forward those documents for approval to Labor department, Government of Nepal.
  • After receiving pre-approval from the government, we publish advertisement for recruitment as per company requirement.
  • As a recruitment agency in Nepal, we pre-select the candidates and send candidate details to the pertinent company.
  • The company representative then conducts final interview of pre-selected candidates and provides final list of selection to Landmark Recruitment Agency.
  • Medical checkup and other formalities are completed and original passports as well as other pertinent documents are collected by the Recruitment agency in Nepal (Landmark Recruitment Agency) for visa processing.
  • Collected documents are then forwarded to the concerned company and formalities are completed at the other end.
  • Upon receipt of visa from the concerned company and finalized contract from the company, insurance, orientation and other remaining formalities are completed though the recruitment agency in Nepal.
  • Deployment of the candidates is planned by the recruitment agency in Nepal and itinerary is prepared for them. Related information alongside the itinerary is forwarded to the company so that preparations for arrival can be made there.
  • Upon arrival of candidates, the company receives them from the airport and takes them to their boarding houses. All the information is provided to Landmark Recruitment Agency.

If you have any questions and queries, feel free to contact us. After all, we are here to serve you. This is what has made us the best recruitment agency in Nepal.

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