Nepalese Manpower working in Saudi Arabia.

Nepalese manpower in SaudiIn the period between 1995 to 2010 in Nepal, a large number of manpower recruitment agencies Nepal were registered. These recruitment agencies recruited million’s of Nepalese workers to many different countries including Saudi Arabia. The workers were recruited for different jobs depending on their skills. Most of the Nepalese workers were recruited for the job labor. The workers were recruited for labor job, due to the lack of knowledge and skill in any sector or category, they had no other choice.

One of the Nepalese worker, recently working in Saudi. His name is Hari, We have asked him some question, What are you doing in Saudi Arabia and Do you happy with the work? He smile and said, “why not? I am very happy with my job. I am getting paid good salary with bonus. I work 8 hours duty. I am working here as a labor since 2008 and till now i do not have to face any problem.”

He said, in 2008 i was in Nepal searching jobs every day but due to lack of good qualification i failed every opportunities. Also i tried to work as labor in Nepal, the payment for labor job in not enough to live your daily life in Nepal. So, one day my friend come to see me and suggested me to visit some good recruitment agencies. Finally i got the job visa for labor in Saudi Arabia and i am here now.
The source is from Landmark Recruitment Agency, Kathmandu Nepal.

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