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Nepal is a land lock country situated in Asia with China in the North, India in the South. Nepal is a country that has the highest point on earth that is Mount Everest and 7 other mountains which are ranked top 8 highest mountains around the northern part of Nepal. Nepal is not only a country with mountainous area but also rice fertile plains that spreading from East to West around the southern part of Nepal. Nepal is also blessed with the river system in the southern part of Nepal which helps in the agriculture of Nepal. Nepal became a Democratic Republic country since 2008 after the then King handed over the government to the people of Nepal.

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Nepal is a country that has from the fertile plains in the south to the Highest Mountain, Mount Everest with a height of 8848 meters in the north. Nepal has 2 major wild life sanctuaries in the south and many high mountains in the north, hence due to this tourism is one of the main attraction to visitors. Nepal stretches around 147180 square kilometers with about 36 ethnic groups of Nepalese people living throughout Nepal.

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Due to this diverse group, Nepalese people are known to be warm people with great sense of hospitality. In Nepal due to the diversity of heritage, the language spoken developed from four major groups that is Indo-Aryan, Tibeto-Burman, Mongolian and Indigenous language. Nepalese being the main language spoken in Nepal, other languages are also spoken like Newari, Tharu, Maithaili etc.

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In recent times Nepali workers are being recruited more and more by manpower supply agency from nepal, as Nepali workers are very loyal to their employers, hard working and a very good sense of responsibilities. Comparatively it is seen that Nepali workers can adjust to environmental conditions of the country they are employed to, cost effective for the employer and Nepali workers has been seen as competent, peaceful, hospitable and most of all can co work with workers from other countries as Nepali workers are known to be honest and friendly.

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