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How manpower recruitment agency recruit candidates?

top manpower agencyI see many people asked a question about the recruiting process of a manpower recruitment agency, how does this work? Some of the people think that manpower agencies are opened for money. What is the truth? Do they really opened for money? If we look through the whole process than we will get some idea how does this really works? Manpower agencies work based on commission basis but not always. You will get clearer after reading the points as followed:
1. There are someone/somewhere always looking for staff.
2. Some of the time may be recruiting by the company their self doesn’t work as they expected, so they need manpower recruitment agency.
3. Before any manpower recruitment agency start recruiting staff for company, terms are must be agreed. In where fees for recruiting per staff, skills, salary etc. are declared.
4. The agency which recruit manpower staff has a full description of the job role and all specification, and it is provided by the phone call but most of the time by visiting directly.
5. After recruitment agency got all the information and terms are agreed, they will ready to go. After that they will search to hire manpower. This can be done by many ways. Either it can be done by paper ad, man to man marketing, and online marketing.
6. When any recruitment agency got required candidates, they choose the right ones using their CV.
7. After that agency would go for the next process, provide a full specification of job given by company.
8. If the candidates are ok with the terms, he or she were sent for further process, else recruitment agency will replace candidates.
9. Once candidate selected, they were asked for an interview. Sometime Interview Company also involved in an interview.
10. Once all processes is done candidates will be selected by company and hired for work.

I hope you find this article helpful, and got the answer you are seeking for. If you need any help please feel free to contact us. We are always be there for you to help regarding recruitment agency. You can find us here.
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